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Appels à projet

Nom de la structure : La Biennale di Venezia
Date limite : 18 février 2021

Nature de l’appel : Appel à candidature
Ville : Venise
Téléphone : +39 041 5218828
Région : International
Description :

Biennale College is La Biennale’s project dedicated to the training of young artists in its different art sectors. It offers participants the opportunity of working side-by-side with international teachers, for the realisation of “creations” that will be part of the Festival programmes.
Calls are dedicated to young composers interested in writing for vocal ensemble a cappella (max 5 voices); to young composers who are interested in site-specific sound installations; to young experimental performers, DJ’s, turntablists, controllerists, and live electronics performers, interested in experimenting with pre-recorded voices and vocal ensembles.

Descriptif PDF : http://www.futurscomposes.com/wp-content/uploads/formidable/6/Calls-BIENNALE-COLLEGE-MUSICA-2021-ENG.pdf


Nom : La Biennale
Prénom : di Venezia
Email : promozione@labiennale.org
Téléphone : +39 041 5218828
Site web : https://www.labiennale.org/en/biennale-college